Friday, September 4, 2009

Nothing Lasts Forever

We have had by most accounts a pretty favorable summer. In the early summer we had a record breaking stretch of consecutive days without measureable precip. Hey that’s big news in these parts.

Then midsummer we had the obligatory week or so of very hot, actually record breaking hot days. Always funny when that comes around; usually by day three or so people start freaking and that disgusting phrase “we could use some rain” creeps in to the conversation.

Late summer has been very pleasant. Most days in the 70’s and 80’s, lots of sun or partly cloudy with sun days. I fantasize that we are like California, where the weather is almost always (except when they are on fire …. or land sliding) and asset.

So it is with some mix of disbelief and incomprehension that I stare into the blue screen of hypocrisy and try to make sense of the news that my friends at NOAA are sharing with me about the next 7 days. You may not be able to read what it says, but the thumbnails speak volumes.

Yes it is true I am about to be shaken out of my California fantasy. Kids have to go back to school and NW Randonneurs have to root around on the floor of the mud room or broom closet searching for that old Burly or Showers Pass. Get ready to get used to slipping into slightly damp bike shoes for the next few months, the joy ride that is summer cycling is about to pull into the station and you are going to once again have to get that saddle cover out to protect your Brooks. Fenders off? Not to worry, it’ll give you something to do in the garage during the long hard rain on Saturday.

I’ve been watching the SIR discussion list, so many riders signing up for 200K permanents on Saturday, Sunday, and the holiday Monday. I wish them nothing but the best but I have to wonder if they too have been lulled into some delusional fantasy about the weather? Or have they just been stuck in the ‘no rain zone’ so long that they have forgotten where their favorite weather prediction website is stored in their favorites?

In the ‘weather season’ checking the forecast was an act of hope, or perhaps contrition: “Bless me (with good weather) father and I shall not sin. We’ve gotten so wrapped up in our hedonistic sunny weather bacchanal that we’ve forgotten the art of bartering with the weather Gods. I am pretty confident that will come back quickly, just like riding a bike, sniveling, carping and conniving over he weather is never gone, just lurking under the surface just waiting to come bobbing up at the first sign of a mud puddle.

For the record, on my ride home last night there was a beautiful Osprey still on the nest at ON#2 on September 3rd. A big bird and a strong flyer, I suspect it was one of the parents but then, they all look pretty big to me.

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  1. I, too, nearly wept as the camping trip weather became very fall-like *in early September*.