Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Late Payment, with Penalties, and Interest

Remember me bragging up that sweet free ride home that our Dart team got last Saturday?

Well I guess it wasn't a gift so much as a loan, and the first payment came due this evening. I rode home from work today, the first 13 miles through the Capitol forest was fine, but the last 13 miles was into the teeth of that roaring headwind through the Chehalis Gap. It was nearly dark when I got home (I got a late start) and even in that wind I was dripping sweat. I was done just about the time I was finished.

Oh, here is a first: Because it was later than usual, I had the Waddell Creek road through the forest all to myself. As I came upon the Middle Wddell Campgroud there in the middle of the road was a black bear! Really unusual because this area is heavily used by ORV riders and there is a rock pit that is regulalry used for target practice less than a half mile up the road.

Keep your head down Yogi.


  1. That's cool! I was riding my mtb out of Mima at that hr with a friend; what a beautiful evening to be in the forest. We saw no bear, or people. Josh

  2. It was peaceful wasn't it? I was talking with Cory tonight, he's been riding in the forest a lot lately, says he see's bear scat all over the place. I never had a clue.

    Dr C

  3. That's very cool. How close?

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  5. CR: 50 yards or so, maybe a little closer.