Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The "Crisp Autumn Air" Index

Ding Ding Ding ... We have a winner!

No sooner did I mention it than Jill, Up in Alaska posted the first "crisp air" blog post of the season, the first I've come across anyway.

Pehaps there is a way we can make this tired, predictable, 'little black dress' of seasonal blog posts into something fun, or funny: I can only spend so much time searching the Blog-O-sphere for 'crisp' posts: You know, I've got to ride my circus bike to earn those food rewards and that takes time, especially for those of us of the Escargot persuasion.

How about you help me? I could run a survey, you all could make guesses as to how many crisp posts the legions of Codfish could tally before, say Halloween. Mebbe we''d need to run it till Thanksgiving, I suspect it's going to be some time before our friends along the gulf coast transit their 'crisp' season.

Keep your eyes peeled and report any 'Crisp Post' sightings, there may even be a Codfish oriented prize in it for you!

PS: SIR and Orrando are running the joint Dart in a couple weeks. It is the last club sponsored event of the season for SIR. I'm on a stellar team, "The Snail Darters". It's going to be a blast (I love the group rides) and it happens that I am quite confident that we will at least win the "Most Congenial" award if nothing else.


  1. Dr C, did you see this?

    It looks like some caution against quinine for leg cramps.


  2. Wait a second, I see now that these are still OK, so scratch that last not, please. I'll go get some. JP

  3. Hi, Paul,

    I spotted a "crisp" Autumnal Air blog post:

    c/your recent (15Sept2009) post. It is good to find things close to home....



    William M. deRosset
    RUSA 2401

  4. Oops! I just reread my post from yesterday and guess what: I'll be doggone if "crisp" didn't sneak right in there. Damn!

    Do I get leniancy for turning myself in before getting busted by your cultural police? I'm posting as "Anonymous" in case you're the Hangin' Judge Codfish type. I'd just edit the post and remove "crisp", but as you know once it's in the ether there is no real eraser.

    As a political observer, I've learned that the cover-up is worse than the crime.

    Should I lay myself at the mercy of the court or hideout and hope nobody reads my drivel anyway?