Saturday, August 1, 2009

Codfish Sightings

I’m fine, .... really, thanks for asking. I appreciate your inquiries, but no earth shaking announcement lurking behind the curtain. Enough time has gone by that I would be a fool to try to account for all of it. This is not a diary after all, it's a blog.

Suffice to say I‘ve been very busy the last month. Something of a surprise as I was expecting to be a little less busy (both at home and at work) after June. I’ve also been a little lazy, and a little under the weather, all of which conspired to drop this thing down to about the middle of page two on my ‘do’ list.

Funny, usually I also do a regular check up of my favorite blogs every couple days or so and that too went to the bottom of the list. Though blogging and reading blogs are parts of my routine that I enjoy, oddly I pretty much did not miss it. Chalk it up to the season: This is the time to be doing things not so much writing (or even reading) about doing things.

I could blame my absence on the ‘Franken-pond’.

That would not be right though: It has not taken all my time and it has been giving me enormous pleasure in the last few weeks. The combination of water, plants, and fish seem a great reward for the efforts expended. A pond is not for everyone, but if you need a reminder of what water can do for you (or to you) you could do worse than to have a pond near by.

In bike news, I’ve been going back and forth between the Quickbeam and the big horse. One of my fave bikes, the Rivendell Quickbeam has moved to Portland for a summer vacation. Gunnar, my oldest son is back in school at Portland State and wanted to find an efficient way to maintain his fitness. He’s a Mtn climbing/MB riding/gym guy but has been carrying such a heavy course load that all of those fitness maintaining rec activities have landed on page two of his timecard as well. He’s also car free so he thought getting back on a bike might be a reasonable solution. He sold his very exotic 29er MB and is now looking for an urban stealth bike. The QBeam is anything but, however it is a very fun bike and its simplicity should both serve his needs in the short term and at the same time help him dial in his interests. Plus, it’s nice to think of the Qbeam getting a few more miles under her bottom bracket.

I’ve been all over the state (for work) in the last couple weeks, one thing that is bankable, sure as rain in November:

Yes it’s chip seal season. The quality and character of your local road surfacing projects is a reasonable indicator of local economic vitality. Road R&R is financed by the local tax base. Here in eastern Grays Harbor County the indications are that economic vitality is flagging. Don’t get me wrong, chip seal is a constant out in the sticks, but I’m seeing lots of roads going from asphalt to chip seal, ugh! Time for those tougher tires I guess. Keep that in mind if you are contemplating a brevet or training ride out in the country or on rural roads you have not see in a while. I actually got a flat tire from a rock chip on the little golden trucklet the other day! Can’t remember the last time that happened.

I started to write this a couple nights ago and the power went out. I was reminded what a wuss I have become. Mrs. C is away on an extended trip, so I thought I’d call her on my little cell phone so that she would not worry. Well, of course the local cell tower was out of juice as well. And forget about sending an email or any other form or electronic commo. I padded around in the house with my helmet and head lamp on for a bit. But it was during that heat wave and shortly, I just went to bed. I woke up about midnight with the lights back on and the radio blaring. This was during our ‘heat wave. On Wednesday it was hotter in Seattle than El Paso, or Lubbock, or LA, or Miami. No big deal for those places, but up here, you’d think if was raining angry cobras or something. I had a trip over to Yakima county and it was one the few times I can remember in the summer when it was warmer on the west side than east of the mountains.
It’s cooler now and I’ve got some outside stuff to do. I‘ll leave you with a few pics from the last month.

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