Friday, June 26, 2009


On my way home from work tonight I came across a doe and two spotted fawns. (I took the back road, a Friday afternoon stress reliever). They wanted across the road so I stopped long before I got there, but they were still skittish and pranced back to the safety of a patch of shade. I had the camera along so tried to get some distance shots. a little blurry but proof of life as they say.

Thats a fence wire running through the pics.

Further down the road I found another mother feeding her young. You can just see the little beaks strtching skyward to receive the strips of Dolly Vardon fillet mom offers. (click on these pics to enlarge them.)

You can see in this pic that she's none too happy with my presence.

Back at rocky acres I noticed the killdeer doing the incredibly fakey 'dragging the broken wing' attempt to lure me away. It could only mean one thing: I put the sneak on to the place she had started the charade and sure enough, she's hatched a second clutch. See any bird in this pic?

How bout now?

And hee I zoom in on them:

Meanwhile mom looks on nervously.

With the new camera I was able to get these pics with getting right on top of the chicks. But even so, amazingly still, camouflage is their only defense.

To bed early tonight, and a drive up to Seattle inthe morning for the second urban populaire.

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  1. Doc C

    How goes it all? Haven't heard from you for a while. All OK?