Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Here Comes Summer

I’m sure Memorial Day weekend means many things to many people. In 2007 I went on a rant about the shopping value of the holiday. This year we had family come to visit. Mrs. C’s sister and nephew, Ty traveled from Houston to get a sniff of what goes on at Rocky Acres. I think we had a reasonable amount of fun and of course, because I equipped the big horse with a new mud flap we had an extended session of what Mrs. C refers to as ‘sucker weather’. You know, sunny and 70, with a light breeze.

We spent a little time on Budd Inlet. Kayaks for rent at Boston Harbor Marina are ALWAYS a treat for visitors, provided the weather cooperates.

And we went for a ride or two.

Ty was GREAT on the tandem! I think stokers never really realize how much they contribute to forward motion. I could definitely tell when he was putting the power to the pedals, (at least one and often two gears worth) and I can also see that he’s speed addicted! Anytime he was pedaling it was one and one speed only, FASTER! I think if he cares to he could become the next Mark Cavendish!
It was great fun having them; I only hope they enjoyed their visit as much as we did.

Unfortunately on Monday I came up lame with another cranium crushing sinus infection. It just happened that I was scheduled for the supposed final follow up with the surgeon today. He put me back on antibiotics and steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. He told me not to be too disappointed, the surgical recovery looks as it should and the remaining inflammation of the sinus linings is (he thinks) a function of this latest infection. He scheduled me for a return visit in a month (gotta love that I-5 drive!)

PS: Here's a sunrise pic from the window of my motel room up in Pt Angeles on my road trip to the peninsula last week.

Work is not all bad.

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  1. Doc Codfish

    Great photos. Especially the tandem and kayaks! What could be better than enjoying/introducing outdoor activities with children?

    Responding to your kind post, yes, we did meet while riding briefly with John on the drenching Berkie 200k. And for better and worse I took up blogging about bicycling in part by being inspired by this blog. John told me to check out your blog as we were slogging it out in the rain in Oregon, and I did when I got home. I like your style.

    Also, I heeded your friendly though not unsubtle hint during that ride and recrafted a new rear mudflap. I hadn't realized how inadequate my old one had been. Others (though not so many since I'm usually bringing up the rear) also thank you.

    I too am no birder per se, but enjoy all the critters. Wishing you (and my wife) clearing sinuses!