Friday, May 8, 2009

Guns Free

In military parlance, 'guns free' refers to a certain aspect of the rules of engagement. It applies generally to air to air combat and means that fire may be opened on all aircraft not recognized as friendly. In terms of the Dr Codfish juggenaut it means that as a result of my visit with the nose doc on Wednesday, I'm released from all post-op restrictions on my physical activity.

And the timing is perfect! I've done a decent job of following the doctors orders but extended periods of enforced inactivity are in some ways more taxing than extended periods of over activity, at least it seems so. (Funny how EVERYTHING pegs the whine-o-meter, no?)

There are plenty of things to do and it appears that the weather man got his wires crossed: NWS is calling for a break in the heavy rain beginning today (Friday) and extending through Saturday and Sunday with temps as high as 70 degrees (Norwegian Heat Wave, uff da!) I'll work on the pond and do another round of threshing and baling on the lawn, as well as respond to the guilt vibes being sent out by those seed packets on the kitchen counter. I will also try to finish up that that Garage Bike project. One thing that won't go undone is a little saddle time. They say if you find yourself in a hole, digging yourself out may be part of the problem. I see the bike as a ladder back to where I was in about 2006.

Spring has definitely arrived in the south sound. Here are a few pics showing the Camas root in bloom. Nice to be conected to this historic plant.

Here area few shots from the vast untamed range here at Rocky Acres.

Here are a few other pics from the back 40:

Eat your heart out Cincinatti!
To celebrate making a little progress on the health front and surviving another week on the job (hey it's Friday, who needs a reason to celebrate) I stopped by the fish monger on the way home. I stopped to see if the spring king salmon had arrived. It's there, but I forgot to make arrangements for financing with my broker; Fresh wild, line caught, King salmon is now abundently available for the paltry sum of $27.99 per pound. Guess I'll have to wait for my TARP funded retention bonus to come in. It didn't mean we would be having Spam on the barbie however. Steelhead was available for $9.00/pound. Fresh Sockeye for $10.00/pound and the find of the day: Fresh Halibut fillet at $11.00/pound!

Seems odd to think of Halibut for $11.00/pound as a bargain, but for those who know, Halibut, when fresh and well prepard is the best fish, hands down. (these pics are for you Muriel, stop drooling on your keyboard!) I'm not the Ansel Adams of grilling, but it definitely helps to have good subject material.

The roasted veggies are the perfect accompaniement to any BBQ meal:

Bonne Route et bonne appetite!
PS: Are you a wiz with Blogger? If so, and if you find these editing 'anomalies' bothersome and are willing to share secrets, drop me a line. I don't seem to be able to figure out the secret handshake when it comes to inserting photos and, well it brings out the McCUBBIN IN ME! I would cetainly appreciate it and I know Chairman the Imperial Cat would appreciate it too. It freaks him out when I shout profanities and do my war dance in front of the immutable blue screen of mockery.
Yr Pal Dr C

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