Friday, May 1, 2009

Garage Bike (Part 2)

So I spent a little time during my recovery working on those 27" steel rim wheels for the old 10 speed.

Here's the 'before" pics:

And here are a couple "after" shots:

OK, Probably not collector quality, but rideable and that's the bottom line on this project.

Being Friday I took the back road home, I-5 is bad on Fridays. It was a glorious day and with the sudden uptick in temp, the wind was really ripping. Had I ridden my bike I would have been delivered on the wings of a monster tail wind for most of my 27+ mile commute. But no biking for me for another week. (argh!)

It's been exactly a week since I had the total make over, 'sinus edition'. Today was my first day back on the job after a week off. That can be, well, I'm sure you know, but it went surpizingly well. Still when it was time to go I was ready to leave.

the back road home is therapy, who could resist a gratuitous Osprey shot, especially when they are just standing out there posing?

(Must find a way to get that super zoom Camera!)

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