Monday, May 18, 2009


Get your mind out of the gutter, f/u is bureaucratic shorthand for 'follow up'.
Those little killdeer chicks (killfawns? that doesn't sound right...) are still running around among the rocks. It looks like they are slowly growing into their legs (a little tuft on two extra long straws). These pics just do not do them justice. They are the talk along the lane and I worry that Chairman may become someones cat hide on the outhouse wall if he's seen stalking them.

How many chicks do you see in this pic? (hint: More than 3, fewer than 5)

Two birds in each of these pics

there is lots else to tell, some bikish but mostly about upkeep around the place. First, I hereby declare that we will have an extended period of days with no rain!
How do I know this? It’s not a hope, a guess, no reading of tea leaves or tarot cards. Rather, I personally (on behalf of all of you) have implemented actions, (at no small expense to myself I might add) that virtually assures this next, extended period of dry days. Have you ever noticed how much doubt is injected into your mind whenever anyone uses the term ‘virtually’ to describe a level of certainty?

Well suspend your disbelief: Feast your eyes on this, high function, high cost, and high style addition to the Team Codfish off season kit:

Oh sure I could have committed to wearing 100% wool bib tights for the next 90 days, or promised to put a shower cap, A REAL shower cap, not one of those ‘hotel artists interpretation’ of a shower cap over my helmet for each and every ride I undertake from now til October 1st. But there is nothing like putting yourself out there with style to cause the weather gods to take a step back and reconsider.

So go ahead, hang that Showers Pass behemoth in the closet, stash the booties, leave the wool at home, and load up on sunscreen. You won’t get wet. I promise. Promise? More than that I VIRTUALLY guarantee it!
Around the Casa, I put my back to work and rehabbed the pond project. It's has been humming along for the last day or so doing what it is supposed to do: Burbling pleasantly and circulating water from one end to the other. The fountain is founting, the water fall is falling, and the pump is not sucking the skimmer box dry. A few more days of successful, uneventful operation and I'll be convinced that it is time to complete the landscraping and move from home handyman eyesore in the front yard to melodic, soothing invitation to Rocky Acres, or perhaps a re-name is in order. Flowing Water or some such. Hey! Codfish Manor? I'm looking for suggestions here.

As for that Sinus Makeover? It is a little premature to make any prononcements but I am comfortable in saying things are definitely better and I hope on the road to much better.


  1. Doc Codfish

    I have a bird question you might be able to help with. I was returning (by car) from the Tri-Cities 300k back to Seattle when I spotted something odd looking in one of the Osprey nests constructed on one of those poles like you've been photographing.

    Looking more closely I could clearly see a Canada Goose standing upright with his neck raised tall in the middle of the Osprey nest. No kidding. It looked wacky but I didn't stop to snap a pic.

    Any idea what was going on? Seemed weird since Iv'e never seen a goose roost, and the Osprey nests are usually filled with Ospreys this time of year.

    Thanks, and I love the bird goings on you write about!

  2. Dear CR:

    Well, I must admit that's a new one one on me. I hate to ask but are you sure it was a goose? I have seen geese nest on cliffs. I fished Banks Lake in E Wa a few times a a kid and you'd see honkers nesting on the basalt cliffs above the lake. I assumed it was as refuge against coyotes. (Maybe that's what was going on?) But up on a Platform on top of a pole? Nope, news to me. Is there a body of water nearby?

    I have friends who are much more birdish than I, I'll ask about it.

    Thanks for the bird report encouragement. I never know what works, most people don't comment.

    PS: I'm happy to report that the killdeer chicks seem to be doing fine.

    PPS: How was the 300K? I'd given that a thought but as it happens I'm under the weather again with another sinus infection that seems to have settled in for an extended visit.

    Yr Pal De C

  3. Doc C

    As I typed out for all the world to see that I had seen a Goose I paused for the same reason: unlikeliness. But I feel certain. It was along I-82 approaching Yakima from the South where the Osprey stands are along or near the Yak.

    Big bird, long neck. I wasn't close (in my car) but the profile was Goosey.

    I am very sorry to hear of your infection. Is this what the operation was intended to fix or unrelated? In any event that has to be very frustrating. We wish you the best and swift recovery.

    As for the 300k, I posted a ride report on my new blog ( It was my first 300, and John Vincent and I made it though it had its moments. Well-organized and great route.

    A bird story at our house:

    I've been watching a pair of finches wrangle nest-building material from my morning constitutional throne. One day the female was continuing her pecking at a vine to pull off fibers. She fills her beak full while the male is posted as a guard or something (supervisor?).

    She had a tough piece of fiber evidently and she kept pulling on it but it wouldn't give, so she flew around and around the vine as if she were in a maypole dance until she broke it off. Comical.