Saturday, April 11, 2009

Summer People

Looks who's back from the Carribean?

This couple (Osprey) has moved into the dillapadated nest platform on Sickman Ford road. This nest site was first occupied three years ago. It was precarious at best so the PUD built a platform and then last year nest building began in earnest, though as you can see it takes a few years to get things really going.
Here's a bird on the 'sattelite dish' platform on Elma Gate road.
This one is less than a mile from rocky acres. It was abandoned last year, but I've see these birds here pretty steady for a week so maybe they'll stick this year. As you can see, the PUD also built a tall perch on the next pole down, it is a ways from this nest to large trees.
Here is the bird on the perch giving me the evil eye, and squeeking that highpitched 'get the hell outta here' squeek too I might add.

Here is the McMansion of Osprey nests in this neck of the woods.

This one is on Moon road, has been around quite awhile (obviously) and has been pretty pruoductive chick wise in the last few years. There must be some sort of sign or other indication that this place is not available because though it is the best built and maintained nest around, so far no one has staked a claim. Perhaps birds smart and strong enough to build such palatial digs (and smart enough not to head north till the last little tantrums of late spring are over) are known not to be messed with.
In other news on the wing, the heron has started roosting in the oak patch out back. He usually flies in at dusk. At the feeder I saw the advance guard of the huge flock of grossbeaks sure to show up shortly. They really are rats with wings, they pick the place clean. The redwing black birds are in and out and it looks like we will have two full time mated pairs of scub jays to push the stellar's jays around at the feeder this year.
This moring I saw a pair of band tailed pigeons, they are flighty but it is suprising how pretty a wild pigeon is. Last weekend was actully sunny and warm and out of nowhere we had swarms of swallows. The house in the back attracted lots of attention and after a brief scuffle with others, a pair moved in. I have not seen any birds at the house on the side yard, ...yet.
The swans are gone. I guess that sunny weather last weekend was their reminder to move on north, to the artic.
We're stoked to see the variety of avian visitors, but as he has gown so over the last year, I'm a little concerned about the welcome that Chairman wants to extend.

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