Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Last week was pretty hectic. We had a little issue pop up with our 2007 tax return. IRS said we owed the Man an $10,000 for back taxes and penalties! (Lucky thing I’m not being nominated for a cabinet level position!) When you get that little love note in the mail, the cold sweat just pours and you don’t sleep well. With the assistance of our ‘tax professional’ we got this little misunderstanding sorted out (I think) but that takes up precious time and energy. It’s out of my mind now, though I expect to receive a response from the IRS within a month or so. Oh Joy.

Also I made multiple trips up to the UW hospital in Seattle, moving towards the next step in the runny nose saga. As it turns out I’ll be going back this Friday for another round of sinus surgery. You know, some things are more fun than others, and if you stumble upon some unique fun thing along life’s path, you hope that you get the opportunity to repeat it in the future if you are extremely fortunate. Of course, I am thinking of PBP, NOT sinus surgery.

According to the doc (in response to my question, “If it didn’t work so well last time …?) the surgery I had after PBP in ’07 was a ‘conservative procedure’. These University docs, they must be required to minor in English Composition or maybe advertising.
The guy was eloquent, articulate, informative, and engaging: He never used any scare words like, radical, aggressive, or major. But by the end of our little talk I had a pretty good idea of what I am in for. I‘m not looking forward to this but I told the guy I’d walk down main street naked whistling Dixie if he could make me better. He said he never makes promises but that he was confident that I would have ‘significant relief’ from my problems.

I’m hoping for the best but to be honest, I am skeptical. I’ve been a little bit sick for so long that it is hard to get my mind aligned with the idea that now I’ll be my old self, or at least some better. If not it won’t be for any lack of effort on my part.

I did ask how things were going for him at home: family fine? Drinking under control? No financial meltdown? The Beamer running good? He chuckled and assured me he’ll be on his A game next Friday morning. Anyway, expect the Chronicles to go dark for a bit.

I’ll send out a ‘one if by land’ signal if the doc gets through this without accidently sucking my brain out through my nose. I’m sure he’ll be able to recognize the difference between snot and brain matter ……right?

I know I promised no more bird business but I can’t resist. I took a little ride up Hood Canal on Saturday, the sun was out and so were the Olympics.

At the Jorsted Creek log dump I encountered this bald eagle.

On the way back I caught this herd of elk sunning themselves at the mouth of the Hamma Hamma.


  1. My thoughts are with you. I have had some experience with sinus trouble myself. I wish you the best.

  2. Hi Paul. Best wishes on Friday and after. I have spent most of my time since Monday here at Providence St Peter's with my mom - new hip (good), slow recovery (not as good but worth it in the end we hope). Never fear, more sunny days await us both! Amy Pieper