Monday, April 13, 2009

The Birds

I like birds, what can I say?

I am particularly fond of these birds (Osprey). As much as people carp about the state of our watersheds (get it, 'carp'?) I think the fact that three breeding pair of Osprey nest within a couple miles of each other says someting about the sustainability of the Chehalis watershed (middle and lower reaches anyway).

So I went to work a few minutes early this morning, stopping for photos at all three occupied nests.
Here's the happy couple at the 'space saucer' nest on Elma-Gate road:

And here's the pair on Sickman Ford road:

And, as it turns out there is a nesting pair at the big ole' nest site on Moon road:

And, a farmer calendar glam shot, it's nice country here. This is what a sod farm's 'crop' looks like, befor they scape off the sod and send it to suburbia, turning the nice grassy mega-lawn into a mud field:

But no more of this for awhile, promise. (unless I just can't resist) Some bikeish stuff to come, hopfully it will be somewhat entertaining and informative and support those of you (and those whom you know) who have a hankering to get out on a bike now that it is more like spring.


My wife left me! Well, she left me for a couple weeks for a work detail down in Portland. As you can see Chairman was none too hapy at the prospect. This is his "if yer leavin him I'm leavin him too" pose.

He didn't get stuffed in the suitcase but he's none too happy about baching it with me. He'll adjust.

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  1. When is the frat party that you are throwing?