Monday, March 9, 2009


Our Rando club will have a display table at the Seattle Bike Expo this weekend. We debated about it a bit; why do it, why not, cost vs return, all that. In the end we decided to pay for a booth and have a display. We've done this in the past.

One of the members volunteered to organize it, others have stepped up to staff the display and to contribute various randoish items. I understand there will be a bike or two decked out for rando, and other members have volunteered to bring jerseys and other awards and memorabilia from rando events around the world.

I volunteered to bring my medals. I used to keep them in a shoe box (seriously) along with my brevet cards. When we bought this house, I actually got an office space (man cave?) out of the deal and thought, a shadow box frame with some medals in it would make a nice decoration. I got the frame, actually had some of the medals in it, but I never got around to hanging it. It was on the floor leaning up against the wall. No figuring why I didn’t get it up on the wall, I actually did hang most of the other art we had around the house.

Then, in December of 2007 our house was flooded, and the medals and the frame took it in the shorts. In the process of putting a house back together, medals and shadowbox frames are a long way down the list. Last fall, going through boxes out in the shop I found the medals and the frame. Pretty messy. I made a mental note to get to that … later.

This winter, during the ‘after Christmas’ sales I got a couple more shadow box frames from one of those crafty stores. One for the 99-03 medals, and one for the 04-07 medals. As you can tell, I have not been at this very long. When Mrs. C was on Christmas vacation visiting family, I got the medals out and cleaned them up as best I could without destroying them, and then went about the business of trying to mount them in the frames. It was hit and miss and required another couple visits to the crafty store (talk about a fish out of water!)
Some of the medals are a little crusty. The RUSA distance awards, you know the ones with the little dated ribbon attached look like civil war relics. In a away, they have survived a war. Anyway, I think I’ve got them set up and ready for the show. Here’s how they will look.

I’m hoping that at least a few unsuspecting ‘cycling enthusiasts’ take the bait.

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