Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Still Winter

Signs of the times

This is what a rain on snow event looks like up close and personal:

And i fyou look here
we see that the National Weather Service is answering the prayers of all those raindancers last week.
Further we see that the local housing situation has it’s own dynamics:

And 'summer homes' awaiting the return of the Peregrines.

This is Pergrine platform number 1, no residents yet. This nest has not produced chicks in the last two seasons.

Here's platform number 2, it's been very productive and the PUD reconstructed it last year because it was somewhat 'rundown'. Also still vacant. You an tell by the dissaray, this one gets a fair amount of wind.

This is platform number three. The most productive, the biggest mass, and actually subject to more road traffic than the other two. It's directly above a staging area for the sod farmers in the neighborhood: Lots of heavy equipment and men working, moving, loading, and shipping sod to the 'burbs'. No sweat for Mr and Mrs Osprey.

Oh, and these migrants, 'squatting'wherever a sod field offers a wet spot.