Sunday, January 11, 2009

Post Apocalypse

It's quiet along the lane today. I slept long and deep last night. When I awoke I looked out and not a soul was stirring. I susect the neightbors, like me are all pausing for a bit of rest and recovery after a stressful few days. There will be plenty to do in the coming weeks, but we must all charge the batteries before we roll up our sleeves and get busy putting things right.

This morning was the first time in a very long time that Mrs C was up before me. She's not lazy by any means, I just have trouble sleeping and am usually an early riser. But the events of the past few days sort of wrung me out. Both of us actually, but this day she was the strong one bless her. I think the subconscious pressure that comes with not knowing: not knowing if this 'is it', if more is to come, if I should go look out the window one more time, If I need to check on the cat, to pull on the rubber boots and walk the grounds, to see if the septic tank is completely under water, all these things are 'draining'.

As the water receded yasteday I got busy with cleanup. When the flood waters recede they leave one hell of a mess, sort of like the high tide mark at the junk yard. Seeing our yard, driveway, patio, and street covered in all that detritus that gets left behind reminded me of my time doing disaster recovery work in Louisiana after Katrina and Rita. Probably one of the most challenging and depressing scenarios I've ever experienced. It motivated me to get out there with the power washer, the rake and shovel, and do what I could to make my little part of the earth look right. A little thing but a big help psychologically.

As for damage here at Rocky Acres, today I will have to joy of crawling into the crawl space and taking stock. A few of the heat registers in the house are not putting out any heat so I suspect that we either have water in some of the ducts or perhaps they were damaged as the flood flowed through the crawl space. Not a job I'm looking forward to but by the same token, if this is the extent of our problems I can't complain.

So when they opened highway 12 again we thought 'how about getting out of here for a couple hours?" We'd been cooped up here on our little island since Tuesday. The driveway actually looked more like a driveway and less like a boat launch, and we could see a road out there instead of a water course.

We only drove through a little water out on Elma Gate road. There was a stretch of water over Hwy 12 up at Moon road but it was nothing the little Sube could not handle. Of course all the side roads are closed, they all drop away from the highway, and like the fields they are submerged in a sea of brown, dilineated only by the tops of fence posts and the hedge rows that mark the ditch lines. The trees at the Chrstmas tree farm are all sporting that skirt of beige; lucky for them that this came after Christmas this time, still it is depressing to see. The sod fields really paid the price and of course we drove past lots of places that are in for another stint of months of demolition and rebuild.

These scenes really saddened me, I don't feel guilt for coming out as well as we have but my heart goes out to those folks, they need all the help they can get. here is a little tug at your heart strings, an easy way for you to lend a hand, and I do mean easy. Consider this, sit down right now and write out a check to:

The America Red Cross
Mt Rainier Chapter
1235 South Tacoma Way
Tacoma Wa 98409
Make a note in the memo: For Wester Wa Flood Victims

There, wouldn't that be easy? They know what they are doing and it's no skin off your nose. If you can afford a Double tall skinny no foam half caf half decaf Machiato with a dash of nutmeg, then surely you can send a little help along to those who may have to fall back to Folgers at a shelter for the next little while. Be a socialist for a day: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need". I'm sure those struggling wall street wizards would urge you to do the same, afer all you were kind enough to give them a $7 billion hand out too.

OK, enough of the sappy/righteous rant, on to the brighter part of our days. We did run to the big city, got the essentials and a few treats too: Let's just say Chairman the Imperial Cat was feeling a little put upon by the events of the last week, dry food is so proletarian.

We also stopped by our LBS to check out Mr's C's new bike frame which arrived while we were castaways!

It's a Gunnnar, the everyman version of a Waterford. This little gem was the result of some considerable searching and no small amount of fit guidance. It is really beautiful and I, er ... we, can't wait to see it built up! Mrs C did a fanstastic job of specing components with a ton of excellent guidance from our resident mechanic Cory. This is a fair compromise between working with your LBS and dealing with on line or mail order E-tailers. There will be lots of goodies from Velo Orange and other suppliers and of course that incredible attention to detail that comes when the whole build is done by a friend and local expert.

I only wish it was April so that once we get this thing home she could immediately start piling on the miles This is our ray of sunshine after the storm.

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  1. Dear DrC,

    We're so glad you came out of it relatively fine. And congrats to MrsC's new bike. We bought ourselves Gunnar Sports for our 10th wedding anniversary this fall. We are both so very pleased with them. I hope good riding weather comes to you soon!

    Take care! Melissa & Scott