Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Next Year

Well, now it's next year. Seems that many of those SIR R-12 hunters were able to squeeze in a 'last day, of the last month, of the year' ride to keep their string going. Good for you, and since today is the first day, of the first month, of the next year, hope you can take advantage of some at least bearable weather today or in the next few days to salt away your January ride.

Mrs C and I went out for a little inspection of the South Bank chip seal to see if there was any rookie plow jockey damage, and to be able to say we rode into the new year even if only a few miles.

I was suprised how much time it took me to get the long bike in running condition, I can't remember the last time we were out on Red Leo. I'm sure we have ridden this thing since the flood, just not sure when. I am also sure that it has not been much.

The chain was beyond sticky, it was dry. Some of the links were actually glued togther in places, the combination of dried out lube and dust making an effective mastic especially on the final drive chain (this thing has three chains) So bad that there were several instances of stiff links that would not even run through the rear derailleur pulleys.

And of course as a result of move, after move, after move, around the shop dodging all the furniture, boxes, buiding materials, tools, etc. the fenders were pretty well banged out of adjustment. Probably one of the most frustrating things for me is adjusting the front V-brake. I don't care what anyone says, road brakes are better, well at least simpler to maintain.

The batteries on both speedos were dead, and the stoker handlebar needed adjustment. But with an hour or two of basic maintenance she was back in shape and once were were out on the road the bike ran great. This really is an amazing machine.

It was cold and windy and there was rain everywhere but where we were, definitely a blessing. The snow is going fast, still pretty big snowbanks along the shoulders and the fields are about half bare. The ponds were still covered with ice though there was a flooded field with a bunch mallards paddling about. I would have taken a pic but the light was failing and they were out there far enough that you would have had to take my word for it. Miss my old Olympus 1/2 frame with the 90-135 mm zoom lense.

The tandem is fun and I hope we'll ride it more (I like having someone else to pedal me along) however I suspect when Mrs C's new ride shows up there will be more competition for saddle time.

I had a referral to a Doctor up at the UW Hospital in Seattle for my sinus condition. A great place to be on New Years Eve. He's a professor and chair of the Otolarygology surgery center. He's a surgeon so you can figure where this is headed. He had a couple students/interns/young doctors, whaterver in tow. Looked like kids to me, but they are the hope of the future. I felt special with a professor and two kids looking up my nose.

He put me back on an exteded course of steroids and antibiotics. So the month of January will be my last best hope of clearing up this problem with drugs. He went through the CT scans and was honest but something less than optimistic. If this doesn't fix me then its back under the knife. Another round of Sinus surgery ranks right up there with, ... I don't now what. But either way, I'm anxious to get on with it. The clock is ticking and I'm on fire to get on down the road.