Wednesday, January 14, 2009

After the Storm

The weather has been mild, foggy most of yesterday. Mother nature's version of a hangover after a bender. Today the sun came out in the afternoon, and I noticed it was still light at about 5:15. Well, not completely night dark anyway. Lighter than it has been in the recent past. So I took the opportunity to snap a few pics of Mrs C's new bike:

I picked it up Tuesday night. I hope it rides as well as it looks, this is a really pretty bike. It's pearlescent white; just looks white until you get it in the right light. This looks to me like a bike that just begs to be ridden,a good looking bike but not just for show. Again can't say enough good for the work the LBS did to make this a reality. Suprise of the whole adventure is that this thing weighs right at 21# with fenders and pedals! Whodathunk.

See more picks at my flickr site, here's the slide show. Mrs C hasn't seen this thing yet, she's away on a biz trip to Phoenix (sunny and 70 degrees, poor thing).

We'll go away for the weekend (to the 0cean) to observe Martin's birthday. "I have a dream" that it is going to be decent weather. We'll take the bikes and spend our days reading, riding, and napping. Of course there will be the obligatory walks on the beach at sunset and sand dollars to be gathered to make messes in coat pockets.

This a funky little mom n'pop place up towards Taholah, old cabins with cracks in the walls big enough to throw a cat through. No TV, no radio, just a pay phone out by the road and no cell reception. It's peaceful. The roads are basicly 'po folks chip seal', but no traffic to speak of. It's bliss, and as Mr Natural used to say: "The only karma you'll find up on this mountain is the karma you bring up there with you."

Can't wait.


  1. Beautiful! It's good to see your attention move to this beautiful machine. What wonderful timing for you guys to have this come together. Happy Trails.

    Joe P

  2. Amen that Joe, an excellent distraction! Hope to see you up the road in the coming season.

    Dr C

  3. You said Sheila's bike looks like it is made to be ridden just as was thinking it looks like it is made to be stolen. Don't you know it is supposed to ride like a dream and look like a POS. Hope you have a good lock.

    I am glad to see you remembered the walk on the beach part but you forgot the "holding hands" with the walk on the beach stuff. Dang! You are getting to be an old married guy Paul.