Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sparky Digs It

Chairman Meow is a very curious, actually insatiably curious cat. Open a closet door just a crack and he’ll wedge in a paw, and then a boney nose, just to be sure that nothing has changed in the last half hour.

Leave the bed covers the least bit rumpled and he’s burrowing into the folds. He doesn’t just want to get up on the dresser, he wants to get into the drawers, and once in there, he wants to get in back behind the drawers.

So imagine how it’s going to be when the sun goes down, the door bell starts ringing off the hook, and hordes of little gremlins, goblins, witches, and Barney’s come trundling up the steps with Safeway bags thrust foreword. They’ll bring all kinds of rustling, swishing, noises, they will certainly bring along a banquet of smells. Colors, lights, sounds, and smells all delivered right to the front door. It will be absolutely mesmerizing for Mr. curious cat.

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