Sunday, August 24, 2008

There will be blood work ...and cats

The Doc called me last week to discuss the results of the blood test. I was expecting a dead end but he found something that he felt warrants a re-est in a couple months. After the discussion I asked around family circles (there is some medical expertise on the higher branches of the family tree) and then did a little on line searching (the Internet truly is an amazing thing). We may be onto something here and hopefully the next round of testing will confirm what the first round suggests.

There is a possibility that I have a deficient immune system. Something like AIDS only not acquired, but genetic. If this is it then the good news is this is to some degree treatable, and of course it's satisfying to know that there is some real 'cause' at the root of all my sniveling. I won't bore with details and I plan to just let this go until there is more to know. I will say I have a real sense of relief and hope (knock wood).

Have you been watching the Olympics at all? For me Olympic cycling is almost always a bust. The Mtn biking is mildly interesting, the road racing is usually pretty vanilla. There was that race in 2000 however (sheesh! was that 8 years ago?) when Vinokourev 'seemed' to be working with Kloden and Ulrich. Recall Ulrich won the race, Vino came second, and Klodie third for Bronze. It just happened that Vino was a member of the same trade team as Kloden and Ulrich. 'Gosh, what a coincidence!" Some speculate that he might have had a momentary lapse of memory, forgetting that the Olympics are about racing for the mother land, not the mother load.

I stayed up late last night to watch the men's basketball gold medal game in which the 'redeem' team held off the Spaniards for the win. I guess winning is redemption. Their play seemed weak in the final game. I have to say for most of the game I thought they were going to 'Coug' it. They kept it interesting from start to finish. But for the series they were very entertaining, exhibiting great team play and excellent defense as needed and then shifting into showboat mode when the opportunities presented. I really like Olympic round ball compared to the NBA variety. So much more hustle, and team play. Where else will you see a runty little 17 year old point guard run circles around the likes Lebron James and other giants?

Chairman stayed up with me though he essentially laid on the couch with his back to the set. I think the whole 'Beijing, birds nest' thing is fairly upsetting to him, in a deep seeded way. I thought I heard him mutter something about 'running dogs of the capitalist oppressors'.

He longs for the old days and the old ways I think. I know he was considering me for "re-education camp" after our brief discussions last week about placing him in 'foster care' for three months, or fixing up a place for him in the garage.

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