Thursday, July 3, 2008

Reinventing Codfish

Well here at Codfish Towers the whole team has been working feverishly to put the final touches to the new, improved, Codfish Industries International
'restructuring’. All staff have been tasked with aspects of the reinvention effort and we’ve also ‘outsourced’ certain technical aspects to assure that we have that perfectly professional cachet that will put our competitors on notice:

Dr Codfish, not to be messed with!

What do you think? We think it instantaneously telegraphs the power, the energy, and sophistication of the Dr Codfish image. A perfect melding of Cippolini, and Homer Simpson: The swiftness of the Lion King and the might of a nuclear power plant operator … don’t you agree? Thank you Bunnyhawk Design and Illustration. (Bunnyhawk? … and they think Dr Codfish seems “ridiculous … in a beautiful way?” Really … Bunnyhawk?)

I am happy to say our long term business planning is paying off: Dr Codfish once again swims up stream, against the tide, fights the head wind of economic uncertainty. Unlike those short sighted profiteers you’ve been reading about in the business section, we here at Codfish Towers are proud to announce that there will be NO staff ‘downsizing’! Oh sure, some may have to put in a few more hours with less that full compensation, but everyone keeps their job! We are particularly proud to be able to make this announcement on the eve of our day of national independence. Codfish International (US Holdings) is happy to be able to contribute to the nation’s financial and energy independence! We only wish that our compatriot Captains of Industry would straighten up and join us on the path to fiscal integrity!

Unfortunately not all is ‘codfish oil and cappuccino’ here at Codfish Towers. Despite our aggressive and earnest negotiations we were not able to ink a deal on a D1 pro cycling team sponsorship for that upcoming annual bicycle event in 'Frawnzay'. Seems we were edged at the very last possible minute, first by a GPS maker for one of the teams and then an outdoor clothing manufacturer from that provincial village just down the road! Imagine, those puffy kapok ski jackets of the 60‘s, those fluffy sleeping bags with the deer and ducks prints on the flannel liners, morphing into a pro bike sponsor! How could they get the nod over us? What’s next, a chewing tobacco manufacturer? It’s enough to cause one to question the difference between bike racing and NASCAR! It’s becoming positively common. Our big concern at this time is what exactly we will do with all the pro team kit we have amassed: the Dr Codfish logo bibshorts, jerseys, gillets, and bidons? Fortunately we DID NOT order the 280 pair of matching codfish skin leg warmers and full finger gloves with the reflective stripe!

Not to worry, there are bigger fish to fry. Actually that expression is verboten around here, but being at the helm I can take a few liberties from time to time.
As a fall back, we’ll be hosting an even bigger cycling event: The SIR summer populaire, starting from the Fish Tale Brew Pub in Olympia, WA (Saturday July 12th, 9:00am mass start). Our relationship with Fish Brewing goes waaaay back, to the days of Team Fish (ride like a fish, drink like a fish! … A clue to the origins of the Dr Codfish brand). This event is open to all; Neither SIR membership or corporate affiliation with Codfish Industries are prerequisite for participaton. There was rumor that certain very high profile cyclists would be making an appearance, but the conflict with the running of ‘that other’ bicycle event in 'Frawnzay' seems to have gotten in the way.

So, if you are interested in learning a little more about this wacky sport of Randonneuring, AND you are not entered in STP, AND you are interested in starting down the path to becoming semi-famous, consider this little jaunt through rural Thurston County. A pleasant bicycle ride with nice people and a finish with pub fare and local brew after. (beats Gatoraide, cup O’ noodles, and a stale pizza pocket any day!)



  1. Fabulous logo! Will custom jerseys be available soon?

  2. Hi Lynne.

    Oh yes, jerseys, shorts, gillets, earmuffs, toe covers, wheel bags, bike cozies, the whole shebang ... all in good time.

  3. I'm waiting for the Top Tube Pad version.

  4. I'm looking forward to the Populaire. This is my first one, and I'll be trying it out on the Bacchetta. (blue) with my friend Zach who also has one (green).

    I took the liberty of creating an event and map in, see the details here:

    You can also grab the xml file and do a google earth flyover of the route!

    And finally I think there might be a tiny mistake on the queue sheet, at least as I followed it along google maps. Maps doesn't show Case and Armstrong intersecting, you have to turn left on 88th and then right on Armstrong. I could be wrong on that, but it's what shows up on the map.

  5. Link to event doesn't look good. try again
    Event Link

  6. Good job Geoff! Self reliance is a hallmark of randonneuring and from your note I’d say you’ll do just fine on your first brevet.

    “… And finally I think there might be a tiny mistake on the queue sheet, at least as I followed it along google maps. Maps doesn't show Case and Armstrong intersecting, you have to turn left on 88th and then right on Armstrong. I could be wrong on that, but it's what shows up on the map.”

    This is one of those situations where Google is not keeping pace with the Earth. Several years ago the Olympia Airport ‘foot print’ was expanded and it resulted in a realignment of Case Road. Case no longer follows the course shown on google maps, it now becomes 88th Ave SW.