Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Thanks" is so inadequate

The weather here in the winter months its pretty rainy by most people’s standards. Partly cloudy, chance of showers, showers turning to rain, rain showers, light rain, that kind of thing. It’s easy to fall into the trap of focusing on the rain, because it’s there: you hear it, you feel it, you see it, sometimes you even smell it. It seeps, or rushes in, It literally ‘floods’ your senses if you let it. It can at times affect the way you look at life.

We went through our share of rainy, cloudy, dark, times this winter. So much so that I occasionally caught myself focusing on the rain and clouds. There were times when I thought to myself; “Will this ever end?” Not my favorite self image.

We want to thank you for being the ‘sun breaks’ in our run of bad weather this past winter. You helped us pack our soggy treasure into the shop, you helped us tear our house apart, and told us it would be better again. You washed our clothes and linens, took us into your homes for meals, and invited us to stay, … for “as long as it takes”. When you couldn’t do that you brought us great home cooked meals. You gave us your encouragement, your prayers and your household items that you thought we might be able to use. You sent us cards, and good wishes, and money. You brought the sun back into our lives, and more, you helped us see the possibility of sun.

‘Thank You’ is so weak, so little to offer in return. Please know that because of all your support, we see this event far differently than we would otherwise. I’ve said this before: I have a lot of friends but I never had any idea what an extraordinary bunch of people you are. The weather can get you down, but your friends will certainly help you get through it. My ‘memory’ of our cozy little house filled up with mud, is tempered with memories or great people.

My neighbor Chris and I were talking over the fence awhile back. He mentioned how nice the house looked. We stood in the road and talked a little about the past few months. As I was getting ready to chase Chairman back to the house he said to me “Doesn’t it feel good to be back home?” “It sure does.” I said.

Since 'Thank You' doesn't really do it for me, we're going to actually 'do' something. Some of you have heard me say that we will have a shindig of some sort once the place is back together and we have the boxes unpacked. One thing I have learned in my endurance training is that if you are going to have a goal, you should announce it to the world. It makes you accountable. Other people will be watching, they’ll expect you to succeed or at least to give it your best effort.

I’m here to tell you that we will be having a ‘meet, greet, and eat’, down at Rocky Acres on Saturday, June 28, 2008 from 2:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon, and YOU are the guest of honor. If you are not riding (or supporting) the Cascade 1200 we'd love to see you. I’ve put in my order for a sunny day; the weather directorate accepted the application but there were no promises, expressed or implied.

My vision is a little time when we sit out on the patio in the warm sun, and have the blessing of your good company, oh, and a cold beverage of your choice. We’ll fire up the BBQ and blacken some hot dogs, and burgers, and chicken. We’ll have coleslaw, potato salad, and pork and beans, we’ll spread a little mustard and catsup around. And you’ll get a chance to look the place over. We’ll talk about the past, and sheme for the future, and if it all goes well, Chairman will give you a friendly head butt in the shin and a little swatch of cat hair to take home.

We’ll supply the meal, you just bring what you want to drink and anything special you want to eat or share (tofurkey, garden burgers?) If you want a desert or chips bring those along. It will be great fun, I can’t wait to see you … and to have you see the place.

If you are reading this you are invited. You’ve all helped in so many ways, from the heavy lifting to the supportive comments.

PS: This is a ‘re-open house’, NOT a ‘house re-warming’, so house warming gifts are absolutely not appropriate. Don’t bring ‘things’ bring your good self, … and someone else! If you think you may show up, let us know. I’d hate to have you be the one that gets the loaf heel and lettuce scrap sandwich!

Oh, PSS!: If you are not sure how to get here, give me a buzz, or an e-mail. I will send you driving directions and a nice little flyer that Mrs C cooked up. Just now I don't know how to post a word doc on the blog! (if you know how to do that, by all means get in touch asap)

See you soon!

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