Monday, May 19, 2008

TheDoctor is Out

Sorry for the gap in news. I’ve gone coastal, bi-coastal actually. Last week I was on a little road trip around the state. Wednesday I stood on the Beach peering into the Pacific mist, admiring ancient ocean going cedar canoes hand carved by Quileute Indians. Crows cawed, the mist was heavy (I had to frequently help my east coast guest understand that this really wasn’t rain). We stopped and watched as no less than 5 bald eagles roosted on a stump at the mouth of the Quileute River, awaiting a nice salmon carcass or some such to float by for brunch.

Tonight I’m in the Nation’s capitol (with the other bottom feeders?). I’ll be here for a week, participating in a ‘strategic thinking session’. Big words but it is nice to be invited to participate. I hope we produce something that is ultimately useful for rural communities all across the nation. I know, big thinking, but hey, these opportunities do not come along very often so I say shoot for the moon, you might just hit the top of the mountain. It all means I have been very busy, and will be for the rest of this week. Sometimes ‘work’ gets in the way of life. I’m planning to take a little time off in the summer and dedicate it to me and mine.

I’ll fly back home on Friday. The Or Rando 200K is the following day, Saturday the 24th. I‘m not sure I will be ready to get off a plane, stuff some riding gear in a bag and drive to Newberg Oregon to start an early morning 200K for which I am spectacularly ill prepared. Ah well, I’m registered so I can at least keep it open as an option. Maybe I’ll sleep like a baby on the plane all the way home and alight fresh, ready, and rested (um yeah, where do they get those airline seats anyway, Toys R Us?)

This may be another chance to shoot the moon … or very painful evidence that the line between bravery and stupidity is not clearly drawn. In the meantime I’ll keep an eye out for Hillary, John, and Barach.

Yr Pal Dr Codfish

PS: You'll be glad to know I'm seekling professional help! Not that kind, help in upgrading this site! Watch for evidence of professionalism! Also, open for suggestions, but sorry, no flaming flying ninja codfish hurling nunchuks. Maybe Codfish in doctor garb though, might add an air of class, eh?

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  1. Time off? No way, Dr., Sir. Those of us in the DC commuter world want your impressions of the cycling scene as you see it from the streets and hotel windows. We think it's cool, but it's not Portland, so what is it?

    your pal in blogging,
    The Daily Randonneur