Tuesday, April 15, 2008

(Drum roll please) ... WE'RE IN!

Late last week things started coming together in rapid order. The plumber returned and all the sinks, the dishwasher, the showers, etc were all connected and in working order.

I headed down to the house Friday after work and realized, that the basic neccesities were all in place. Sheila called on her way home from the airport for a status check and I told her I was planning to spend the night in Oakville and invited her to join me. She was positively giddy.
The house is very close to done inside; a couple pieces of trim to tack up, a telephone jack to repair, put up the towel bar and TP holder in the guest bath, that kind of stuff... really close to done inside.
Outside, there is a little more to do:

Steve-the-Carpenter essentially finished the front porch today, looks pretty good don't you think?
(Now tell me, does this house look like it has been jacked up two feet?)

I spent the day caulking all the nails in the siding (didn't get done when the house was built, though it should have). I reconnected some yard plumbing and wiring (sprinklers) and did a little work on the shop to get ready for gutters and down spouts. Steve should be close to finished on the back porch tomorrow, and I am pretty confident that I can finish the caulking, then a quick power wash and the house will be ready for new paint on the outside. Roy-the Painter dropped off 18 gallons of 'colour nouvelle' today so next stretch of two consequtive sunny days and the house will look completely different.

Back at home, this is really a great feeling!
(the last quilt my Mom made, a double wedding ring for Mrs C and I).

I'll be moving our 'stuff' out of our Centralia haven (a real bungalow, over 100 years old) later this week. This place has been a blessing for us for the last 4 months. I think back to Christmas, our little mud spattered Christmas tree, or spooked cat, my gloomy mind set ... it was perhaps pathetic but hey, we came through this and are stronger for it.

We'll 'go dark' for a bit when I shut down the dope scope and move it over to the house. Then I'll do the cable guy dance, hope when we get hooked up again everything comes up just like it should, I guess we shall see.
I'll probably have another post about this house project and then hopefully it will be back to (my idea) of normal: Riding bikes and writing about riding bikes.
What a trip this has been, thanks for your support along the way!

Yr Pal, DrCodfish


  1. Yippey yahoo Paul! Congratulations! What a great feeling to be back to home sweet home, we are very happy for you. Amy & Robin

  2. "...so next stretch of two consequtive sunny days..."
    I chuckled a little bit on this. I'm not sure I've seen 2 sunny days in a long time.
    I'm happy to hear things are coming along. I want you back on that bike.

  3. Congratulations! What wonderful news! Welcome home.