Sunday, March 30, 2008

News From Rocky Acres.

Things are happening almost daily now. The tile in the bathrooms is finished (it needed grout) this was done on Saturday.

On Monday the formica was added in the bathrooms and some of the wainscoting was installed ... and

We Have Carpet!
It's that stuff that is made from extruded recycled coke bottles so it 'green'. Acutally it is also literally green, 'Emerald' to be precise. Well mabe not precise; I've noticed that naming colors of products, especially house products is anything but precise.

Here are a couple shots of our fancy new front door. No sneaking up on us, we'll be there to greet you with great big, fun house mirror distorted smiles!

Sorry for the high degree of 'goofiness' in the layout here. I'm not as good a blogger as I am a ... what? Flood house cleaner-upper I guess. In my defense I'll say this blogger program is not quite as easy to manipulate as I had hoped. (end of whine).

Here is the progression on the installation of the kitchen counter tops: It was very intersting. A simple process, but one which I think is very unforgiving of mistakes:

In the background Francisco and Atencio are working on the big counter, in the foreground the Island, covered by two slabs of engineered stone (quartze) awaits their magic.

First the pieces of the counnter top are dry fitted. This is a test run to see if in fact the guy who came out a week ago and made the template got it right. The slabs are CNC machined back at the shop, but this is the first time the pieces are actually held up together to see if they are going to fit.

You can clearly see that the island surface is two pieces, in the background the long portion and the L are two pieces also. The two pieces are first clamped together to determine where shims will be required. So far so good!

Once shimmed, the two pieces are epoxied together. This is a very clever device: A vaccum acuated clamp that allows the installer to force the two pieces closer together.

The two white plates attach to the stone slabs via a strong vacuum which is created by a vacuum pump (out of the picture) the red and blue hoses are used to transfer the vacuum from the pump to the plates. The threaded steel rod is used to pull the vacuum plates together by turning the black wheels on the threaded rods. Ingeniuous, specific to this task, and very effective. (see how the epoxy is being forced up out of the joint as the two pieces of stone are drawn together?)

How effective? Here is the island after the counter top guys did their magic. Can you see the seam now?

And here is shot of the kitchen after the couter top guys packed up and headed off. There is still plenty of work to do. The cabinet bases need more trim, a box will be built around the exhast chimney above the stove (and the microwave) but you get the idea of how it will look. I was a little worried that there would be too many colors off brown, The wall is sort of a pumpkin or adobe color, the cabinets are dark oak, the floor is walnut (also pretty dark) and then the counter top is an engineered stone (quartz) product that is brownish as well. But it turned out about as nice as my mind was able to imagine.

Tomorrow it will be back to the house for another day of measuring twice, cutting once, and then, er, um, I think I can fix that with a little more spackle, ... a picture would look nice up there in the corner of the closet, ... wouldn't it?


  1. Paul,

    I rode the 300 yesterday. I was heartbroken to find out (from John Vincent) that you only lived a mile away from the turn onto Garrard Creek Road from South Bank Road. SO sorry that I didn't visit.

    Talk to you soon!

  2. Nice place you got there. Have a nice day.