Monday, March 24, 2008

A Big Day at Rocky Acres

Well it cetainly was a big day down at Rocky Acres today. At one point it looked like one of those 'extreme make over shows' where there are lots of different people working on various jobs. Nobody told us to head off to Disneyland for a week, but I tell you, I couldn’t have wiped the silly grin off my face if I tried. (and who would want to?)

I had to leave work in the morning to meet with the counter top guy to go over the final details for making/installing the kitchen counter tops and sink. (The cabinets were istalled last week) Hopefully that will be done in a week, but probably more like 10 days, he was late getting to the job.

But there were a couple guys working on the house when I got there: they were shingling the soffits. I thought that might help with the faux bungalow look. We also now have a landing and stairs in the garage! No more balancing on a plastic milk crate to get up to and in the door!
The electricians showed up to work on the final touches to the wiring. They didn’t get done but should be done tomorrow, and Dave-The –Contractor was on the site three different times, bringing more materials, going over the final specs for the porches, and scheduling the completion of the work.
Last week the laminate flooring was laid in the kitchen and great room. There was a mix up and they almost put the wrong stuff down. Turns out there were pallets of material for two different Johnsons on the loading dock, and we got someone elses floor. It all worked out and I can honestly say, I like our stuff better than the Johnsons, (the other Johnsons).

I was working on the house over the weekend, and was surprized when a couple guys showed up and laid all the ceramic tile in both bathrooms. It turned out pretty nice. They will grout that tomorrow.
What remains to do is:
  1. Finish the kitchen cabinet install.
  2. hang the doors and the trim.
  3. Wainscoting in the bathrooms.
  4. Grout the tile in the bathrooms and lay the linoleum in the laundry.
  5. Carpet is scheduled for Friday!
  6. Work on the porches will continue and should be done this week, or early next.
  7. Patch the foundation and back fill.
  8. Install the stove, dishweasher, and washer and dryer.
  9. Paint the exterior.
We won’t be done by this weekend, but we WILL begin moving in!
Saturday while I was working on the place my dart team from last year showed up. It was fun to see them. It was foggy and cold, I had stopped at Starbux and gotten a couple thermoses of coffee. They had a cuppa, and a pastry, I signed their cards and then they were off. Then in the afternoon Mark's team showed up: Mark, Peter, Bob, Robin and Amy. They seemed pretty chipper. Probably knowing that they were close to the finish had a lot to do with that. So I got my rando fix though it would have been more fun to be riding with them than installing all the shelving in the closets. Oh well, next year.

This weekend is the 300K. I had hopes of maybe riding out with the rides for a bit. The route starts in Oly and will go within a half mile of the place, but we'll be moving stuff out of the shop and into the house, to heck with riding!

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  1. Thanks for the pastries, coffee and tour. Congrats on the final steps and return to your home.