Thursday, February 21, 2008

Isn't she beautiful?

Looking at these pictures you might not think
the place is so knock out, but for us, well we're smiling.

The house is now all closed up, just like a normal house. No big holes for stray cats to move in during the night, no scary drops in the middle of the floor down into that DEEP crawl space.

And, as I went inside to check on progress two things became immediately apparent: The house was warm inside! We are in "rewarming" mode to prepare for the sheet rockers to come back to mud and tape and texture. And, I flipped a switch and the lights actually came on. Things that are so easy to take for granted but which are so meaningful when they have been absent for awhile.

Lean closer to the picture, ..... can you hear it? That is the sound of a heat pump humming away.

Some things don't change, looks like it is going to be a good year for rocks.


  1. Happy to see that you're getting back home again...maybe 12 foot stilts would help for next time?

  2. It looks good!! Should you have raised the heat pump also? Do they have to be on the ground - or is this a grand plan to get frequent replacements? :-)

  3. Congratulations! Great to hear that your house can behave like a house again. The rocks have potential if you want to do your own landscaping. And with the cost of water going ever upward, rock-scaping may become the latest thing.
    Cheers --B