Saturday, January 19, 2008

Up in the Air

It's Saturday, January 19th. The day started out cold and rainy. I felt lousy, couldn't sleep so got up early and fussed about waiting for it to get light. I started feeling better once the sky turned from black to gray and about mid morning we headed over to the house to see what got done yesterday.

Nobody was around, the track hoe, the tilt-bed trailer, and the cribbing trailer were gone. I think the lifting crew has moved on to the next job and our little house is sitting about two feet above the foundation, supported by six cribs and a couple big steel I-beams. The next step is to build 21" knee walls on the foundation and under the house, then gently lower it back down three inches or so. This has been a pretty big week.

Watch that first step! Here's the house raised up about 24 inches. This will give the workmen room to build and place the knee walls. Once those are in place the house will be lowered approximately 3 inches from this elevation. Click on the pics, they should get bigger.

This is a "befor" picture, for reference.

This is the bay window, just to the left of the front door (as seen above). Again this is about 24 inches off the foundation, and will be coming back down about three inches. Looks a lot higher than 24 inches doesn't it?

Yup, that's about 24 inches.

Inside the garage: we're going to be able to shoot hoops in there! Actually the garage will seem a litttle higher because it was a step down from the house elevation. Where we got about 6 inches of water in the house, we got about 18 inches in the garage. And I shot this from pretty close to the floor for effect.

"Boy, all this house raising business makes me tired!"

Dreaming of chasing grasshoppers in the back yard. Will we ever get to go home?


  1. Progress...wahoo! Like the pics, especially Chairman Meow. We're in our own whirlwind of activity with our move from Melbourne to San Francisco, but it's a minor challenge compared to your last 40+ days. Hang in there. It's amazing what you've accomplished.

    Melissa & Scott

  2. Paul Johnson in "Dude Where's My House?"!?!? It's funny seeing a house lifted off it's foundation, I'd be a nervous wreck I think. It was the aforementioned joke,or "man someone's trying to steal your house>"