Thursday, January 17, 2008

Momentum or Inertia?

Momentum: A quantity that expresses the motion of a body and its resistance to slowing down. It is equal to the product of the body's mass and velocity.

Inertia: The property of a body by which it remains at rest or continues moving in a straight line unless acted upon by a directional force

Yesterday afternoon I got a couple calls that tell me things are continuing to move along, or perhaps even picking up pace:

The field guy for the PUD called. He was in his truck in Oakville trying to find the place. Funny to think a person could be lost in Oakville, but if you haven’t been there and are relying on google maps or some such … we don’t exist! The little street, the cul-de-sac, and the houses are new enough that they are not on many mapping data bases yet. I talked him into the place, once there he disconnected the power. I was sweating this a bit. As you might expect Grays Harbor PUD has a considerable back log of work so there was talk of a two week wait. I am no more needy or deserving than the next person, but I certainly don’t need an additional two week delay.

Then later in the afternoon I got a call from a staff person at the Small Business Administration (SBA). She said our loan had been approved and that she would be our contact in the process of closing the loan. She said docs would arrive in the mail and we should call her with any questions. The first question I asked was if she knew WHEN the docs might arrive. She said she didn’t know, the preparation was in another department. Ah well, at least I know there is action.

in the mean time Jeff-The-House-Moving-Guy and his crew have not been standing around eating doughnuts and thinking about it! I'm amazed how much work they have gotten done in the last two days! Here is what things look like down at Rocky Acres as of Thursday, Jan 17th. Exactly 44 days after the flood. (Forty four days?!?! No wonder you’re getting bored!) Again, I think if you click on these pics they should expand and you get a lot more detail.

That's air between the corner of the garage and the foundation. No, the house is not about to fall over to the left: I was just so excited I wasn't holding the camera level.
That's 12 inches at the front door, 9 more to go! (note the steel beam in the background behind/below the joists and hangers.)

The little track hoe that could!

Why we call it Rocky Acres.

Beam ends and cribbing. Thank you God for dry weather!

Inside the garage

Along the back of the house.
I have more pics of this phase, but you get the general idea. I suspect the pics that I will have for the next post will make this business a little more clear and too the house will be soaring!
Thanks for reading (and looking!)

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