Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Visualize this

Some of you have asked if we have photos of our 'adventure'. I've been reluctant to send emails with scads of photos attached to friends and relatives, that can make a pretty mess of the inbox. It's been hit and miss with the camera. Some times I just get too busy and forget to stop for a kodak moment. At other times I'd just rather not.

Here is the last photo we took in the house, Monday night December 3rd. The power was out and Sheila was playing piano by candle light (and bicycle headlamp!) It was peaceful and we were making the best of it. My big concern was if the power would come back on before we lost the food in the freezer. Little did I know! At least we had ice cream for dinner.

This is how the place looked when I got back there Wednesday. This pic was taken in the afternoon. I was not able to get to the driveway when I arrived in the morning.

This is how the kitchen looked. The piano Sheila was playing is just to the left, out of the photo.

This was our backyard before the flood. Saw deer out in the oaks occasionally.

And this is how the back yard looked Wednesday. The water was still running pretty fast. If you look to the left of the photo you see the trash hung up on the fence which gives an idea of how deep it was the day before.

This was my office. You can see that the subfloor is still wet and the studs and wall sills are soaked.

In the forground is where the kitchen was, then the guest bedroom, behind that the master bath, and in the far background, the master bedroom (where you see the lights).

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  1. PS: Feel free to share this with any acquaintances you might know who believe the world is populated only with selfish, angry people.

    Hi, and thanks for all of your narrative. As a diarist, you are phenomenal. My brother Fast Red Bike (Bent) Jim R. sent me the link to your blog and encouraged me to read how YOU found Christmas this year. I feel humbled because you have experienced true generousity and you "get it". Give my regards to Mrs. C. And Merry Christmas. Patsy B.