Thursday, November 8, 2007

Codfish Nation!

All right you bottom feeders, listen up! As reward (or perhaps punishment) for visiting here you are now faced with a decision: Do the right thing or, … do nothing.

Recall from my most recent blog post that local Seattle cyclist and all around swell guy, Peter McKay was purposely shot while commuting home from work on his bike on the evening of November first.

Well as it happens there are quite a number of riders and others who are up in arms about it. So much so that we are willing to chip in a few shekels to build a reward fund for “information leading to the arrest and conviction of ..” those responsible for this senseless act of violence.

There you are, caught in the headlights. I don’t mean to make this one of those “part of the problem/part of the solution” moments so I’ll soften it up a bit for you. You have a choice to do the right thing, or not. Sorry, that's the closest I can get to "no pressure". In my line of work apathy or inaction is a sure road to failure, the action alternative always offers the possibility of success. Here is you chance to side step the slow road to status quo while doing the right thing. What’s more doing the right thing could not be easier.

Earlier I posted details on how to do this, but since then Kent Peterson has done a much better job of sharing both the most recent developments with the 'how to' at Kent's Bike Blog.

This is no band of nappy rando riders in baggy wool tights pooling thier latte' money. The Bicycle Alliance of Washington has volunteered to to collect the funds. Crimestoppers of Washington is helping to set up the account for the reward at Bank of America. Crimestoppers is also developing a publicity campaign and local cycling clubs and organizations will help by posting signs and posters.

Of course the intention is to entice someone to come forward with information about the crime. But even if that objective is not met, this is a strong message to the public, (and the perpetrators) that cyclists are a strong, unified group, we care for each other and we will not take this type of senseless violence without reaction. It is also a chance for you to stand shoulder to shoulder with fellow cyclists making a strong statement.

You may not be a cyclist in the Seattle area (I’m not) but if you care about riding your bicycle safely, this is an effort you should have no trouble getting behind. We have received pledges of financial support from all around the country (over $5,000 in less than 48 hours!). Most people are donating $50 to $100.

If this sounds like a scam, let me just say it has the Codfish stamp of approval! (How compelling is that?) Kent is a man of higher than average moral charcater (and he's got a great sense of humor) so I'm sure there is nothing going on under the table. Friend Mark Thomas, President of Randonneurs USA is assisting in the set up of the BofA account. Foolishly or otherwise I have blindly followed both Mark and Kent up the road many times and they have never lead me astray. At least we always ended up back where we started.

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