Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Under the Knife

Well this is it (gulp!)

Later this morning (Wednesday 10/10) I take the gas pipe and then have a surgical procedure on my sinuses. Given the description the surgeon gave me, I think I would really rather be somewhere else while this is done, but of course that's not possible.

The doc says I should plan on being pretty messed up for a few days, off work for a week, and off the bike, and out of the gym for a month or so. I'm really looking forward to relief from these symptoms (constant runny nose, coughing up goo, and nearly constant headaches, some of which are dragon slayers) and then getting back to training. My goal ride for next season is the Rocky Mtn 1200. It helps me to have a goal to work toward.

Maybe I'll see you up in BC next July. If so you better attend to your speed work: I plan to NEVER be the lanterne rouge on a 1200 again! (gotta love those goals)


  1. I hope it goes safely and you get your desired result. W/r to your ride goal - a mischievous rando might offer a counter goal of drafting for an entire 1200km. Happy training.

  2. Hey Paul,

    I hope it works! As one who also has been plagued with a chronic upper respiratory cycling challenge, I can sympathize.

  3. I like Paul Whitney's comment - I'll get in that paceline!


  4. It would be a pleasure to pull you guys along, that is also a goal for me for next season. I've had lots of help from other riders over the years and hope to expand my opportunities to pay it forward.

    It strikes me that just about a year ago I had one of my best rides ever: the fall North Cascades 1000K. partly due to good conditioning (I had ridden the Van Isle 1200 earlier) and partly due to help from both Wayne Methner and Wim Kok. Then this darned sinus thing descended during the winter R-12 quest and I never really seemed to recover. Lets hope that's all in the past.

    And Dan, give this procedure some consideration: even if it does not give me the relief I seek, I'm really starting to like the facial reorintation aspects: The nose relocated to my right cheek slightly below the eye has a striking, Picasso'ish effect. I'll be a hit at PBP in '011 and you could be too! Just another opportunity for SIR to once again be out front setting the trends.