Sunday, October 14, 2007

On the Mend

Just a note to say I got through that sinus business just fine. Right here at the top let me say - I’m a Drama Queen! (but wasn’t that obvious? More a self revelation than some sort of declaration)

The big story here is … no story! I had this sinus surgery business built up in my mind to be something much bigger than it has turned out to be. Truth is, there was little to no pain as a result of the operation itself. My throat was sore from the insertion of the ventilator and I had the mother of all sinus headaches but there was no “knock me out” surgical pain.

The whole thing went off like clock work. The ‘surgical team” were about as efficient as the crew down at the Krispy Kreme shop. In no time at all I was out like a light, the doc got busy, and an hour and a half later the nurses were cracking wise in the recovery room. The Doc said I was not the worst case he’s seen but he removed enough material from my sinus linings and cavities that if things go as expected I should experience significant relief from my symptoms. What I was hoping to hear.

I went back the next day for the follow up. I should have known when he told me: ”be sure to take your pain meds before you come in to have the packing removed” that this might be a memorable moment. It was. First we talked about the operation, how it went, how I looked compared to others who have had this procedure, and what I might expect in the future. I like this guy, he’s no Prima Donna and was happy to take the time to explain, in layman’s terms for the layman. So I feel like I have a pretty good understanding of what was done, and what my prospects are both short and long term.

Then he said “OK now we’ll remove the packing”. He had left a couple ‘strings’ (looked like carpet thread) and a loop hanging from my nostrils and so he grabbed hold of those and said “OK here we go, 1-2-3” and gave a pull. YIKES! I saw stars and he produced something that looked like a pair of red sox that he had tucked up in my snoot the day before. I didn’t pull the arm rests off the chair, but I’ll bet you can still see my fingerprints there. I thought there would be a little more tweezing, a little more poking around, a little more finesse or something. Oh well, no Prima Donnas here.

So, thanks to all who expressed concern, sympathy, and wishes for a speedy recovery. And for those who offered to catch my wheel when I’m speedier next year; I’ll do my best to deliver on that contract.

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