Thursday, March 6, 2014

Well Baby Check up

OK, here we go off to the vet's for a well baby, pre-adoption physical check up.  Oh yes, we'll also be posting the first of the Amazing Parakeets for Sale poster.

Wish us luck!


Saturday, March 1, 2014


Change goan come
If you don't remember this, you missed something amazing and transformational.  Not to put you down if you weren't there or don't recall the emergence of a new social consciousness in R&B of that time, but just a chance to say I am so glad this happened in my life time.  I have trouble imagining a future where Justin Bieber's catalog could stand up to the likes of Sam Cook, Curtis Mayfield, or Marvin Gaye. (what's goin on, yo?)

But this post wasn't intended to be a tribute to a time in my past.  I sat down here at the dope scope to inform you all that a plan is hatched!  Next week I'll take the four chicks to the vet's office for our well baby check up, sports physical, or whatever you want to call it. The thinking is that if these chicks are accompanied by a 'cetificate of OKness' from a real vetrinarian it might make potential adopters a little more comfortable in the notion that they are not getting puppy mill chicks. At least that is my hope, plus I am curious to get the Vet's feedback on our little accidental family rearing project. 

While there I'll leave a flyer (invited to by the clinic manager!!) announcing the availability of some particularly 'special' parakeet chicks.  The vet shop add was a great suggestion from my friends at Budgarigar Forum.  That flyer will also announce that all proceeds will be donated to For Heaven's Sake wildlife rescue and rehabiltation center.  This was a suggestion from my friend Emily in Boston. 

Interesting that For Heaven's Sake is just up the road from us and I drive past twice a day to and from work.  They were recommended as a worthy recipient for this effort by the vet clinic manager. 

In this way we hope to hit a slightly modified triple bottom line:  helping a good but needy social enterprise, doing good locally, and most important getting the chicks into the homes of people who will provide the best setting possible.  I'm no bleeding heart, but I am liberal and I know that for organizations such as For Heaven's Sake, making ends meet is a constant struggle; occasionally I work with SE's as part of my job. 

for the flyer, what Pics do you think would be most compelling:

baby pics?
juvenile pics?
or adolescent pics?
(I would put up a poll on this but, ... 3 responses from you slackers on the last one? ... doesn't seem to be your cup of tea.)
And just to close the loop (good authors often end with a 'hook' which brings the reader back to the start of the story) let's have Curtis Mayfield take us out with a funky, modern day spiritual from the golden age of R&B shall we?  People Get Ready ...

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Chicks Seeking ...

So I am working up that Craig’s List add and well, … I'm rethinking the first line.  In fact, I have some trepidation about this approach, at least as a first effort at ‘re-homing’ the chicks as they call it.  Not to say that you don’t meet just the nicest people on Craig’s List (so I’ve heard) but these are special chicks and we definitely do want the nicest people.

Clearly, this is a situation to consult with my friends over at the Budgerigar’s Forum with a few questions about how this is best done, and any other advice they have about what might be good to do in the process.  They came up with a Smashing good idea! (many are British, thus the ‘Smashing’ adjective).  Their idea: start with a ‘chicks for sale’ note at the Vetrinarian’s office!  What could be more perfect? ('more' perfect? sure, there is perfect and more perfect)  The vet knows us, and she knows our birds and well, where better to look for good homes for animals than at the office of a respected avian veterinarian?
We also have a long standing relationship with another vet clinic between Olympia and Shelton (where Chairman Meow has made quite a reputation for himself) and I’m thinking we might prevail upon them with a similar request for assistance.  Hey, it’s the least they could do for us; with Chairman’s poor record in the Greater Oakville Neighborhood Cat Fight Invitationals every fall/winter/spring/summer, I think we have earned naming rights for the next wing when they add on to the clinic.  We don’t expect this transition to occur overnight, and these little birds are really not much of an imposition.  We are patient and willing to wait for the ‘right’ sort of people to come along.  If worse comes to worse, we can always wait till summer and take them out to the Capitol Forest and leave them by the side of the road; a proven method of assuring placement in the very best, caring homes.   

Let me ask you a question:
Do you think we should offer these birds for ‘free to good home” or do you think we should charge, perhaps slightly less than the going rate, say, $25.00?  I ask because I fear that ‘free birds’ might attract someone on a lark (pardon the pun) whereas if we charge a small amount (and perhaps even forgive the price if we like who shows up at the door) we are more likely to get these birds into homes that really want parakeets and have a good idea of what they are signing up for.

I’ll add a poll over to the right on the 'Gizmo' column, (if I can figure out how to do it, Blogger does not make these things idiot proof .... I'm proof) and ask that you respond.  And if YOU have any great ideas about how we more our little parrots along to the great homes please, and I mean this most fervently, PLEASE let us hear from you in the comments section of this little tabloid.